Friday Free Fiction for August 31st

First, the old-school:

Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Warlord of Mars is available as a free audiobook, or a free e-book at, who also have The Players by Everett B. Cole.

I’ve always meant to read The Complete Works of H.G. Wells. I didn’t realise there’s nearly five thousand pages involved, but the PDF linked to there should be a little easier to carry around.

Now the new-school:

The website for John Joseph Adams’ Wastelands anthology has the full text of M. Rickert’s “Bread and Bombs” as well as stories by Cory Doctorow and Richard Kadrey

Some slightly sad news: after ten years, Infinity Plus is calling it a day. But the archives will stay available for some time yet, and there’s masses of good stuff in there – Bruce Sterling recommends Paul Di Filippo’s “What’s Up Tiger Lily?”

Non-fictional extra:

Michael Swanwick wrote an essay to present at a convention; Dinosaurs, Space Flight, and Science Fiction talks about three of the more recent literary movements on the genre fiction landscape, namely Interstitial Arts, The New Weird and Mundane Science Fiction. Infernokrusher appears to have been missed out …


Writers, editors and anyone else – if you want something you’ve written or published on the web for free mentioned here, drop me (Paul Raven) an email to the address listed for me on the Staff page, and I’ll include it in next week’s round-up.