Fixing the future – Karl Schroeder on technological solutions for climate change

Design concept for a 'vertical farm'Many of the commonly tabled options for dealing with the incipient ecological crisis our planet is facing involve turning our backs on technology. One of the people taking the opposite position – namely that sustainability isn’t a zero-sum game – is Canadian science fiction author and foresight consultant Karl Schroeder, who talks about the potential of technologies like fusion power and vertical farming to avert catastrophe without destroying the potential of the human species in an interview at EcoGeek. [Vertical farm image borrowed from]

And sometimes you just need to look at the bright side of things – for example, the rising cost of gasoline might reduce the incidence of obesity. It all ultimately boils down to personal lifestyle choices, though, at least as much as technology – so maybe we should think seriously about having less children.

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  1. Here is some news about Dr. Bussard’s Fusion Reactor plus some very good news:

    Bussard Fusion Reactor

    Easy Low Cost No Radiation Fusion

    Bussard Reactor Funded

    Smart people need to have more children. Too many dummies running the world and all you get is war.

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