Into the Futurismic

Greetings Futurismic readers. My name is Stephen Years and I’m one of the new contributors to the Futurismic blog. I’m a high-tech management professional and entrepreneur in California’s Silicon Valley. My current business endeavor is a start-up company that is focused on energy efficiency in data centers.

As a blogger I’m very interested in the intersection of technology, market-forces and culture – and how each changes and modifies the other in a bizarre, continuous feedback loop. As an example, I’m fascinated how the cost of energy is forcing the market to invest in alternative energy sources – and how those new energy sources, once employed significantly, will impact the geopolitical structure. What cultural forces will be unleashed in a Middle East deprived of its primary source of revenue?

I would like to thank Futurismic for this opportunity and I hope you will find my posts enlightening, entertaining and challenging.