Gun-barrel camera

gun barrel camera As a UK citizen, I’m getting used resigned to cameras appearing everywhere. But I can’t quite make my mind up about these gun barrel-mounted cameras that are being pilot-tested by police in Orange County, Illinois. I guess the idea is to make cast-iron evidence available from confrontations between police and suspects – it’s probably fair to say that in a situation where there’s a drawn gun in play, the heat of the moment may make eye-witness accounts less than reliable.

But the obvious potential for a new level of police-focused reality television can’t be ignored … and rather than making an officer think twice about drawing his gun, maybe he or she will feel they’re better protected by the evidence collected by having it in their hand with the camera running? Who can tell. One thing’s for sure, there’d be a lot less fog surrounding the de Menezes case if UK anti-terror cops had these things fitted to their weapons. [Via Engadget] [Image cribbed from original source article]