Friday Free Fiction for 11 January

A comparatively slow week for free fiction, but there’s still plenty enough if you need it …


Free fiction at


At Fantasy Magazine: “Zombie Lenin” by Ekaterina Sedia


A kind-of sneak-peek from Jay Lake:

“[This is] the original short story “Green”, basis of the novel I am currently writing. At 6,700 words, this originally appeared at Aeon 5 back in 2005 …”


Good news from Cole Kitchen: the excellent print magazine Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest is getting into the free content game – take a look at Apex Online, with stories from James Walton Langolf and Matt Wallace, and lots of other non-fiction too.

Cole also points us at Transmitter – an online science fiction anthology magazine, according to the strap-line. Whatever it calls itself, there’s free fiction by the likes of Jake Clyde and Jennifer Moore, so go take a look.

Cheers, Cole!


From Futurismic’s own Edward Willett:

“The release of my new SF novel Marseguro (DAW Books) is coming up February 5, so I’m beginning to do what I can to promote it online…which includes posting the first two chapters online.”

Good luck, Ed!


Looks like a full complement on the Friday Flash Fiction parade ground this week:

Gareth L Powell has been thinking (and writing) about “Natalie“.

Gareth D Jones is channeling Ray Bradbury with “Built By Moonlight“.

Dan Pawley‘s journey back to his native country must have unnerved him; he’s worried that “The Natives Are Restless Tonight“.

Martin McGrath returns to the fray with a lingering fear of birds: “Sixty-seven Parrots“.

Justin Pickard is equally unnerved (though for rather different reasons) by “Fatima’s Funeral“.

Neil Beynon wants you to look deep into the “Eyes“.

Shaun C Green has been watching too much TV, I think – “The Future’s Bright – The Future’s Trivial“.

And finally yours truly decided to step out of the science fiction mode for a change, and go “Down on the Upside“.


That’s your lot, ladies and gents. Don’t forget to get in touch with any tips or suggestions – you can find my email address on the Staff page.

Have a great weekend!

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