Prosthetic limbs that can sense touch and heat thanks to carbon nanotubes

We’ve had various articles on  exoskeletons and prosthetics, they’re getting stronger and more efficient.  Now, we find out that touch and heat may soon be wired in as well.  These sensors could then be wired into the parts of the brain that correspond to that section of the missing limb.

In addition to the obvious prosthetic limb advances, if it could be temporarily wired into a person’s brain, there’s no reason this couldn’t be used on a remotely controlled robotic arm.  Send a small probe out to repair the outside of a submarine or spacecraft, and the person inside controlling it could feel their way along.

(via SciTechDaily) (image from vernhart)

3 thoughts on “Prosthetic limbs that can sense touch and heat thanks to carbon nanotubes”

  1. That’s why we put ’em up there 🙂

    Seriously, though, the picture is awesome, and what they guy can do, stack cups and take his wallet out, with a prosthetic arm with hardly any of the sensor pads on it is amazing. Id’ve used the photo from the article, but copyright’s scary and not necessarily sure if I could use it or not. Besides, flickr photos are fun.

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