State_of_the_Union_Address_Congress Now this is a bit more like it. has been running for a while, but now it’s got social networking baked in. Track your favourite (or least favourite) senators, bills and issues! Make friends! Blog about it! [Via MetaFilter] [Image from Wikipedia]

Now, I know it’s early days yet, but this is surely a step in the right direction towards a genuinely inclusive democratic process? All we have in the UK is an e-petitions facility that gets used frivolously. 🙁

2 thoughts on “Congress2.0”

  1. The e-petitions facility in the UK isn’t always used frivolously. I’ve seen subjects raised which are certainly worthy of proper public consideration; but they’re treated frivolously by the government, in that when they close the view the government held prior to the petition being posted out is trotted out.

    It’s also worth noting the excellent work done – by volunteers and public activists – at They Work For You in tracking our MPs and their legislative habits.

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