Technology Review lists 2007’s 10 most exciting technologies

Poster_of_Alexander_Crystal_Seer Every year, Technology Review lists the 10 technologies the magazine’s editors “find most exciting—and most likely to alter industries, fields of research, and even the way we live.” (Via Kurzweil AI.)

Here’s 2007’s Top-10 list:

  1. Peering into Video’s Future – With the Internet being swamped by digital video, peer-to-peer networks may be the answer.
  2. Nanocharging Solar – Cheap photovoltaics through quantum-dot solar power.
  3. Invisible Revolution – The magic of metamaterials.
  4. Personalized Medical Monitors – Computer-automated diagnostics for individuals.
  5. Single-Cell Analysis – Analyzing differences between individual cells could make for better medical tests and treatments.
  6. A New Focus for Light – New optical antennas that focus light could bring us DVDs that hold hundreds of movies.
  7. Neuron Control – A genetically engineered switch lets scientists turn selected parts of the brain on and off–which could lead to new treatments for depression and other disorders.
  8. Nanohealing – Stopping bleeding, aiding recovery from brain injury–nanofibers hold life-saving promise.
  9. Digital Imaging, Reimagined – “Compressive sensing” could help make the capture of digital images more efficient.
  10. Augmented Reality – Digital information, superimposed on the real world. (And you thought people listening to iPods all the time were annoying… )

(Image: Wikimedia Commons.)


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