Advertise with Futurismic

Much as we’d like to be able to run Futurismic as a completely ad-free site, that’s not something we can do if we want to pay the authors of our fiction pieces and keep the servers running.

But the last thing we wanted to do was throw loads of crappy AdSense ads at you; we wanted some control over who can advertise here and what they can sell in the process.

So, if you look in the sidebar, you’ll see we have ad spaces being run by Project Wonderful. Originally a network devoted to webcomics, PW has branched out into a user-friendly ad market for all sorts of sites.

It’s very important to us that you, Futurismic‘s readers, don’t find anything we run on the site offensive or intrusive. So please, if you see an ad that you feel is inappropriate, please contact us and let us know right away!

And don’t forget that you can always click straight through to Project Wonderful and rent some Futurismic real-estate yourselves! 🙂