In praise of Uxo

Fellow Friday Flash Fictioneer (and good friend) Shaun C Green has been nothing short of effusive about Futurismic’s return to the fiction field. Shaun had this to say about Eliot Fintushel’s “Uxo, Bomb Dog”:

“The tale itself is brilliantly written, with a distinctive voice and a playful approach to its arduous subject matter […] Fintushel’s tongue is planted firmly in his cheek throughout, as evidenced by the dominant, um, pseudo-religious movement of his USA being Naderism (complete with rubber noses, street parades and general amnesties). Fintushel’s characters are endearing and lovable; they’re not whole, many missing digits or limbs or worse, but they’re not broken. Not least of these memorable names is the eponymous Uxo, the last Bomb Dog – a Colonel in the United States Military and the recipient of a Purple Heart, no less. And they’re what gives the story its heart, its love of the living over dead machines and bombs. It comes down to a contest, too, with the living breathing Uxo put up against a cold de-mining machine under the moniker Volkovoy.”

If you’ve not read it yet, “Uxo, Bomb Dog” is waiting for you – bookmark it for later if you’re busy.

And if this seems a little self-congratulatory, well, maybe it is – I’m proud we’re publishing again, and I’m proud we’re publishing such good material. But I think it’s more a case of congratulating Fintushel – and if a webzine can’t big-up its authors, what can it do, eh?

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  1. Hmm, the editor in me wants to put a “potentially” in front of that “arduous”. Because the story is *far* from arduous. That said, I’m sure this is fairly evident from the rest of the post…

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