5 thoughts on “The Biosingularity beckons!”

  1. I’m still waiting for the “perfect cow” so we can all eat victimless meat. Which begs the question: Will Soylent Green be made from “perfect people” meat from Biosingular People Farms?

  2. The 454 sequencing technology they used to do Watson’s genome does about 100 megabases of DNA sequence per 8-hour run. They’re fairly widely available and being used right now. The next generation machines, like the Helicos sequencer, can do up to 90 megabases per hour. It’s not quite as simple as looking at the raw throughput of base pairs, but $1,000 genomes in six years does not seem unlikely at all, and I think we’re fast approaching the time when we can generate sequencing data faster than anyone can analyse it.

  3. I think synthetize and regenerate human cells is present reality,
    but therefore evolution is splitting three main paths; human being,
    chemically regenerated or biotechnical humans/creatures and artificial species, made
    by human itself… And how fast it will happen?!? Heaven knows, so everything is
    possible now, when we humans will decode dna and use that knowledge and advantage of
    for “human building with block by block”. It´s the method of future, becouse of laws
    of nature and sciences.

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