Friday Free Fiction for 16th May

It’s a slim week for free fiction once again, but we’ve still scoured the web for every morsel we could find. And isn’t anything a feast to a starving person? So get stuck in!


One story and one novel from


Episode 7 of Shadow Unit is Elizabeth Bear’s “Overkill:

It always started with the phone.

Tonight, that was the only familiar thing, because when Chaz Villette woke groaning to its warble the first thing he remembered was that he wasn’t in his own bed. The second thing he remembered was to try not to disturb the warm, heavy weight pillowed on his numb left arm as he fumbled for the night stand with his right. Her hair was in his mouth, her breath warm against his neck as he opened the phone without bothering to squint at the name on the display. He whispered, “Villette.”


The thirteenth instalment of Memory will hopefully not prove unlucky for Jayme Lynn Blaschke:

Parric’s wingtip slapped Flavius with a glancing blow across the side of his head, sending him sprawling to the ground. Flavius sprang back up, his face scarlet and eyes blazing.

“Wha’d ya go and do that for?” he shouted at Parric, one fist held ready as his other hand rubbed the side of his head.

“Your obsessings with the Empress is getting you dead once already,” Parric shot back, his featherscales ruffled with agitation. “And almosting me, too. You are needing to self-examining, Flavius, and asking yourself if your ruttings with the Empress are worth the consequences.”


After a brief interlude Warren Ellis‘s Freakangels are back for episode 13. If you’ve been following it, you’ll know it’s already showing lots of promise. If you’ve not been following it, why not start now, huh?


And let’s round it all off with the measured marching pace of the Friday Flash Fictioneers:


Looks like that’s your lot for this week – though there’s still masses of good stuff over in the Sidebar Of Free-Fictional Justice, so why not do another webzine a favour and pay them a visit?

In the meantime, keep us posted with your tips – and have a great weekend!