Grr! Arrgh! Nearly-extinct predators make a comeback

fisherHorror writers in search of a plot need look no further: a weasel-like predator known as the fisher is making itself right at home in your Northeast or Midwest suburbs! The mixture of eco- and morality tale make it the perfect story device, given that they were almost wiped out by trappers and foresters in the last century, but reintroduced to prey on porcupines. The New York Times describes a householder’s encounter with a fisher that tried to eat her German shepherd’s face:

“I had never seen anything like it,” Ms. Beaudry recalled. “I didn’t know what it was. It kind of looked like a fox. But it was very, very ratty looking and had fangs and claws. It was creepy looking, but not that big.”

More animals-out-of-place news: The Caribbean monk seal, extinct. The Chinook salmon, endangered in the U.S., is thriving so well in Chile and Argentina that it could disrupt freshwater and marine ecosystems. And there’s thumbnail-sized quagga mussels clogging up the Colorado River. What other displaced creatures might be cast in near-future fiction?

[Image: Wikimedia Commons]

3 thoughts on “Grr! Arrgh! Nearly-extinct predators make a comeback”

  1. There’s a reason why I read this blog: every time I read it I get new ideas for new stories. You just gave me about ten right here. Now, if I’m smart, I’ll write them down.

  2. as my grandson,boyfriend and i were driving up to our cottage, we saw this unusual “thing” in the road. it turned around slowly to look at us and we saw big claws and teeth. we were glad we had each other because no one would have beleaved us had we tried to explain what it was. it was nothing we had ever seen. that night we heard screaming that sounded like a child. doing a little research, we found out it is a fisher. we still hear it at night but i wish i would have had my camera that i usually ALWAYS carry with me.

    our cottage is in deckerville michigan and a little remote. if anyone in this area has seen or heard this thing, let me know. i don’t know if i sould call the dnr because i have not heard of any sightings in michigan as of yet.

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