Question Surveillance, Go to Jail

london-cameraNormally I’d leave surveillance-outrage stories to BoingBoing, but really:

Four young residents of a North Philadelphia house who circulated petitions questioning police-surveillance cameras were rousted from their home Friday and detained 12 hours without charges while police searched their house…. 9th District Police Capt. Dennis Wilson…was quoted …as saying of the residents: “They’re a hate group. We’re trying to drum up charges against them, but unfortunately we’ll probably have to let them go.”

If they have nothing to hide, they shouldn’t be asking questions.

[Thanks, Eschaton; London ’05 photo by nolifebeforecoffee]

2 thoughts on “Question Surveillance, Go to Jail”

  1. Yeah, I loved that too.

    I lived in Philadelphia during the reign of Frank Rizzo. I thought it had changed, but it seems to be backsliding.

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