Friday Free Fiction for 18th July

There’s something I want to know about Fridays – how do they always come round so quickly, even though the week seems interminably long? But before you ponder that poser, get stuck into this week’s selection of free online fiction…


Just a brace from


A fistful from FeedBooks, including a treat for Doctor Who geeks*:

*I’ll admit that I’m a little fuzzy on the copyright of those two titles, and I link to them only because FeedBooks have seen fit to publish the electronic versions. As suggested there, consult the copyright declaration for your country if in doubt.


Via Big Dumb Object:

With the recent death of Thomas M. Disch, some people may be looking to read some of his fiction (like me). The Sci Fiction archive has one of his stories, “Descending“, so you can at least get a taste.


Via the Double-Boing:

Indie comics publisher Boom! Studios is putting a bunch of its backlist comics (including the excellent Zombie Tales) online as free downloads. The titles they

2 thoughts on “Friday Free Fiction for 18th July”

  1. Well Larry, your definition of ‘free’ is evidently quite a bit more flexible than my own, and your grasp internet etiquette needs some work.

    The above is something we call ‘spam’; the polite thing to do is to email an editor to ask if they’ll plug your book for you.

    Unfortunately, you just slammed the door in your own face, so to speak.

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