Friday Free Fiction for 1st August

It’s a weekday, and it’s the first of the month, which means that there’s a brand new original science fiction story here on Futurismic for you to read!

Alex Wilson‘s “Dry Frugal With Death Rays” is a superb slice of dark satire, so I’d like to suggest you start there before getting to grips with our usual round-up of free fiction elsewhere in the intertubes.

All done? OK, here we go…


Just two titles from

And nothing at all from FeedBooks this week… I guess many of the volunteers who transcribe these stories are now burdened with summertime duties involving younglings. Hey, everyone needs a holiday, right?


John “Electric Velocipede” Klima is climbing onto the Friday freebies bandwagon over at

Welcome to what will be a regular Friday feature from me. I am going to post a Weekend Getaway every Friday. This will be a link to a piece of short fiction that’s available online for free. I’ll discuss the piece(s) and give you links. Then you feel free to play in the comments and provide your thoughts on the work.

Here are the stories:

You’ll need to visit the Tor site to catch the discussion, of course, but I’ve provided the direct links to the stories for those who want to get straight to the action.

That post is from last week, by the way – a downside of being UK-based is that my Friday is finishing just as most of the States is digging into the second cup of coffee, so sometimes things get posted too late for me to add. 🙁


While we’re talking about Hal Duncan, the man himself reports that there’s “a wee fairy story of mine calledThe Behold of the Eyeavailable in the latest issue of Lone Star Stories.


More Shadow Unit DVD extras: “Two-Handed Grip“, and the tenth part of Vigil (which has no title I can accurately discern).


Apex Online‘s latest fiction contribution is “In the Seams” by Andrew C Porter:

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