Metaverse musician lands meatspace recording contract

Following on rather serendipitously from Mac’s latest column, New World Notes is carrying the story of Tennessee bluesman Von Johin, who has just been snapped up for a recording contract by Reality Entertainment — an ironic name for a record label, when you consider that Johin has been signed on the basis of his performances in Second Life. [image borrowed from linked New World Notes article]

Von Johin, Second Life bluesman

Johin has had some degree of success in the live music business before now, but the Second Life format seems to appeal to him more:

For the most part, however, he no longer has any interest playing live in person. “This is more fun,” he says, referring to his virtual stage. “No gas costs, no travel, worldwide audience, exciting new people, no smoke, no drunks on the road, no hassles.”

So there’s your answer to the indie-bands-touring conundrum, perhaps. If the cost of fuel keeps rising, maybe the metaverse will be the only place you’ll get to see bands that come from a different country to you.

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  1. We can only hope online costs stay low. If we have an explosion of virtual reality industries (a virtual bubble) we might get something like Big Oil monopolists all over again. That would gloriously suck.

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