Neal Stephenson’s new novel Anathem is to be published on the 9th September (according to Amazon). There is a kinda weird movie that claims to have something to do with the book (made by these folks apparently, though the movie is… vague and weird. I mean, it piqued my interest but I was probably going to buy the book anyway.

Even more compelling is the Amazon promotional video of Neal Stephenson himself reading an extract from the book. There is also a further video here of Stephenson discussing some of the ideas that go into the book:

Looks pretty good.

[via Slashdot]

One thought on “Weird…”

  1. Actually the Anathem video contains quite a few scenes from the book including the superb Analemna at the end and the characters portrayed – I have no idea if he persons doing so are actors, friends of the producer – are exactly how I imagined then after reading the book 4 times so far.

    Raz, Ala, Lio, the slines – local rednecks, Fraa Lodoghir, Fraa Orolo and several others that appear, as well as *The Book* as in “throwing the book” at the avout when they were punished…

    There are lots of subtle touches in the video that you will appreciate after reading the book

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