U.S. Presidential science

politicsI try to keep partisan stuff out of these posts, but somebody needs to note that Obama has responded at some length to 14 questions on science policy issues posed to him by Sciencedebate 2008, representing a truckload of scientific associations. McCain hasn’t answered yet. NPR has a short item about both candidates’ health policies. And the AAAS just put out a “policy alert” on a few of Gov. Palin’s views on evolution, global warming, and other topics. Not always sexy issues to the media, but something for American voters to think about.

[Story tips: slashdot, Framing Science; Political Studies by minkymonkeymoo]

2 thoughts on “U.S. Presidential science”

  1. There is little incentive to compel voters into having any kind of interest in scientific matters. This has caused the ridiculization of science. Only an enlightened elite can spread appreciation of science, and since the US is ruled by anxious, retarded mobs these days, anyone can figure out where that’s headed. I wish the US all the luck with their third world nation status.

  2. We stopped Saddam Hussein from sucking the world into a black hole, and THIS is the thanks we get?

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