An Internet of things

A world of spime-like networked and sensor-laden appliances, objects, and general stuff took a step closer with an assortment of tech titans announcing their intention to create an Internet Protocol for Smart Objects:

Smart objects are objects in the physical world that – typically with the help of embedded devices – transmit information about their condition or environment (e.g., temperature, light, motion, health status) to locations where the information can be analyzed, correlated with other data and acted upon. Applications range from automated and energy-efficient homes and office buildings, factory equipment maintenance and asset tracking to hospital patient monitoring and safety and compliance assurance.

Suggestions for colloquial names for this technology:

  • The Interject (INTERnet of obJECTs).
  • The Thinweb (a WEB of THINgs).
  • The Stufflink (you get it)

Any more?

As computation and connectivity continue to ooze their way into everything from dildos to doorbells can we think of any interesting science fictional consequences?

[via Slashdot][image from MikeBlogs on flickr]

3 thoughts on “An Internet of things”

  1. Science-fictional consequences of a web-connected dildo that monitors and reports on its current status and environment..? Lemme think about that for a minute…

    Nope. I got nothing. Anyone?

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