Starpirates – browser-based sf MMORPG

We got some email from the owners of StarPirates, a free space-based MMO-type game that you can run in your browser (meaning you can probably play from work or school and not get in trouble, though on your head be it if you do – we don’t need any lawsuits, thanks).

StarPirates logo

Anyway, they’ve offered our readers some additional freebie action. It’s pretty straightforward: if you click on this link here you’ll be entered into the draw automatically after setting up your character. Three people who sign up through that link will get 1000 StarPirates points to build up their Pirate.

They apparently have a pretty strong community with lots of chatter, and you can set up fleets – so if someone wants to setup a Futurismic fleet, drop us a line and we’ll post the details up so other Futurismic readers can join up if they want to.

Did I mention it’s free to play? Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Starpirates – browser-based sf MMORPG”

  1. Great little game. It can be played efficiently in short bursts of in game activity while working my 8-5 desk job. Thanks to the makers of the game for staving off my boredom.

  2. Great game, I’ve played it for 4 months now, I love it. It’s an awesome game with fun community.

  3. Superb, I am totally addicted, playing SP since day 1 and beyond lol, and yes, at work, at home, everywhere I can get hand of a computer lol. Come join the fun 😉

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