Ken MacLeod on the New Enlightenment

Quite old, but still relevant, here is an exerpt from a brief comment by author Ken MacLeod on the “new enlightenment” and the divisive debate surrounding global warming and environmentalism:

In science fiction, the key challenge is thinking about questions of the future. Some of the tools we have for thinking are broken or blunted. The climate change issue is a good example.

It’s difficult for the informed lay person even to decide if there’s a problem or not. The difficulty lies not in the complexity of the science, but in the subversion of the institutions of science, communication and democracy.

The role of the interest groups involved, whether it’s the energy corporations or the environmental campaigners, has been to accuse the other side of doing what the other side accuses them of doing – namely, subversion.

MacLeod may not be a climatologist but he makes a good point about the basic nature of the argument.

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One thought on “Ken MacLeod on the New Enlightenment”

  1. Interesting take, indeed. Climate change is only one of the many issues of concern awaiting the next American president. With the earth’s temperature increasing and with pressure mounting for the creation and use of more viable energy sources, there is much to be done. Yesterday, we published a quick guide entitled “Seven Things You Need to Know About Climate Change.” Please check it out at As part of our Voter’s Survival Kit we also produced an excellent non-partisan guide on climate change at

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