3 thoughts on “Cuba chooses Linux”

  1. Have you proof that they are Godless? Isn’t the isolation and pain inflicted by the USA on a country that wants to control it’s own destiny a Godless act.
    Fortunately, except for poverty, the Cubans have excellent and Free Universities, Free Medicine. And while Americans are banned from visiting Cuba, the rest of the world enjoys their hospitality and culture.

  2. That’s twice in one week that I’ve failed to make it obvious that I was being ironic… actually, Leslie, I believe Castro is (or was) quite religious, and I have no axe to grind against Cuba or its people.

    Maybe I should start doing my ‘funny’ posts in red text or something?

  3. Yeah if you can handle the poverty, censorship and the one-party dictatorship, Cuba ain’t so bad. And unlike South Africa during apartheid, its uber-cool to visit for hospitality and culture.

    Anyway, anyone want to bet how long MS lets this stand? I mean if there were ever an OS designed for a one-party dictatorship, that’s Windows Vista.

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