DVD gift ideas for science-minded kids

My son, age eight, has always been interested in animals, extinct or otherwise. But he’s played to death the three-DVD documentary series The Future Is Wild, which depicts the evolution of life on Earth millions of years into the future. The CGI animation is pretty good; the extrapolated life forms in the post-human world are mind-bending.

My son doesn’t seem frightened or depressed by the depiction of a universe without human intelligence or galactic empires, which is more than I can say for his dad. You don’t have to be a kid to get into this. And if you’re even considering writing an sf story about nonhuman aliens, please see it.

There’s an animated TV adventure series on Discovery Kids, but my son and I agree that it’s not as good as the original.

Just as good, and getting almost as much screen time in my house, is Alien Planet, exploring via space probe the planet Darwin IV, where evolution produced creatures like nothing on Earth.

I hope they go over as well in your home as they have in mine.

[Bladderhorn from Alien Planet]

8 thoughts on “DVD gift ideas for science-minded kids”

  1. Okay, now that’s weird. I’ve never even heard of these shows and I’m intrigued. Thanks for bringing them up. Do you know if they’re still be syndicated on television (Discovery, Animal Planet, etc.)? I could use a few good ideas for science fiction stories 😛

  2. khannea, thanks. I was trying to remember the book Alien Planet is based on. Expedition, by Wayne Barlowe, for anybody who missed it.

    And yeah, I think I’ll get it for my son.

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