Publishers suddenly bullish on ebooks

iPhone ebook download screenWe’ve had years of foot-dragging and protests that ‘no-one wants to read from a screen, anyway‘, but all of a sudden (thanks partly to a Zeitgeist gizmo and an economic slump, perhaps), publishers are looking afresh at the ebook. [image by henribergius]

I mentioned Pan Macmillan’s new iPhone offer the other week, but it looks as if they’re not the only publishing house realising that, actually, people will pay for accessibility and convenience after all. Who knew?

3 thoughts on “Publishers suddenly bullish on ebooks”

  1. In one corner:

    “You can’t beat the feel of a real book.”

    (Kinda like: “You can’t beat the sound quality of a real CD or record.”)

    In the other corner:

    “You can’t beat carrying your entire library on your phone.”

    (Kinda like: “You can’t beat carrying your entire CD collection in your pocket.”)

    Guess which wins.

  2. Yes….I’ve been part of the music industry as it went digital and now the publishing business as it goes digital.

    A lot of similarities. However, my experience has been that the book business is a little less “paranoid” than the music business…and thus is moving much more quickly to capitalize now that’s it’s obvious that ereaders are stimulating the market.

    Anyways, if anyone is interest in a discount on ebooks, please visit

    Use the code “THANKU” for 40% off your ebooks purchase through the end of this year.

    Clint Brauer
    General Manager

  3. Clint, I’ve left your comment up because it’s on-topic, but I’ve redacted your links because they’re against the comments policy – more than one link is spam, as far as I’m concerned.

    If you’d read the comments policy, of course, you’d be aware that the links automatically get nofollows spliced onto them, so milking Futurismic for SEO juice is pretty pointless. I’d like you to stick around, but I must request you play by house rules if you choose to do so.

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