The science fiction art of L E Spry

It’s not often we feature artwork here at Futurismic, and it often occurs to me that I should look into addressing that oversight.

A recent spur of reminder came while browsing for images on Flickr recently, when I stumbled across the striking CGI images created by one L E Spry. While he’s quite keen on glistening starships and serried ranks of grumpy robots, he also produces images that fit into the near-future remit of Futurismic‘s aesthetic. Behold:

New Heights by L E Spry

Containment Zone by L E Spry

Channel by L E Spry

The uppermost one reminded me almost instantly of the Fastness from Iain M BanksFeersum Endjinn, one of my favourite science fiction novels, but it could just as easily be a conurbation from a much closer future than the one depicted in that book. Some savvy publisher should be dropping Mr Spry a message, I think…

Do you think we should host more artwork here at Futurismic? Are there any waiting-to-be-discovered artists you think we should be checking out?

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