Stonehenge was ‘prehistoric rave venue’; Lake Michigan wants slice of the action

StonehengeHere in the UK, the endless debate over what Stonehenge was actually used for continues with a new suggestion: professor and part-time DJ Rupert Till believes his measurements show that Stonehenge has ideal acoustic properties for amplifying a “repetitive trance rhythm”.

One wonders whether, had Professor Till been working in the seventies and been a Hawkwind fan, he wouldn’t have concluded the monument’s suitability for amplifying fifteen-minute space-rock wig-outs… [image from Wikimedia Commons]

Meanwhile, Geoff Manaugh at BLDBLOG points us to more mysterious stones arranged in a circle… this time, though, they’re at the bottom of Lake Michigan.

… a series of stones – some of them arranged in a circle and one of which seemed to show carvings of a mastodon – 40-feet beneath the surface waters of Lake Michigan. If verified, the carvings could be as much as 10,000 years old – coincident with the post-Ice Age presence of both humans and mastodons in the upper midwest.

That said, there may be other explanations; as an anonymous commenter at BLDGBLOG says:

I did this about 10 years ago, it was a college project.