Clarkesworld reopens to fiction submissions

Cover art for Clarkesworld Magazine #28Via their newly-hired non-fiction editor Cheryl Morgan comes news that the consistently excellent Clarkesworld Magazine is once again open to fiction submissions.

If you don’t read Clarkesworld already, you really should do; it’s one of the sites that I hold up as an exemplar of quality fiction on the web, and they set a high bar to measure up against. And all at no cost to you, the reader – so drop in a donation or buy a physical copy while you’re there, why don’t ya?

2 thoughts on “Clarkesworld reopens to fiction submissions”

  1. I don’t know…these kind of sites keep struggling to stay above water these days, and its a shame…creativity is one thing we should be encouraging, but its hard to do when you bust your tail crafting a beautiful piece of fiction… and sell 20 copies total on a site like this.

  2. Clarkesworld doesn’t struggle in the way Futurismic does, because they’re a side-operation (and, I expect, loss-leader) for a small press, Wyrm Publishing… and I think they sell far more than twenty copies a time (though I don’t have the figures). Even so, your comment seems a little disjointed – you appear to be using a lack of commercial success as an excuse for not supporting a free-to-read creative endeavour, and I’m not really sure how that adds up or whether I’ve misunderstood you completely.

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