Cure your cancer by contracting a virus

Seneca Valley oncolytic virus structureThe race to find a cure for cancer continues among a number of vectors, the better known of which are chemotherapy and gene therapy. But there are other methods being developed, including oncolytic viruses.

The Seneca Valley Virus is a naturally-occurring (and untweaked) virus which has been shown in clinical trials to be remarkably effective at treating some of the more nasty human cancer types while presenting no threat to the human body itself.

The biggest upside of oncolytic viral treatments is that they can be used on cancers for which there is no viable surgical procedure, though their ability to travel through the bloodstream and work on metastatic cases as well as local ones is good news too. [image from Wikimedia Commons]

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  1. That makes me happy. I’m a cancer survivor, so it’s nice to know that if my cancer ever comes back there will be a dozen and a half new treatment options for me, some better than what I took the first time around!

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