Happy Ada Lovelace Day

adaIt’s late in the day in my time zone, but maybe not too late to celebrate women’s contribution to technology.

In a nutshell:

Today has been declared Ada Lovelace Day, a celebration of women in technology named after the first computer programmer. Born Augusta Ada Byron—yes, that Byron—she was schooled in mathematics at her mother’s insistence and, as Wikipedia says, her “interest in mathematics dominated her life even after her marriage.” (OMG NO WAY. ::facepalm::)

And here’s a list of inspirations, including none other than Xeni Jardin.

The BBC also has a roundup, with a link to a swell map of the tubes.

Feministing lists some notable achievers, too.

And if this puts you in a steampunk mood, check out the Babbage Engine, or an amazing pictorial from Wired last year.

[Portrait of the lady, Wikimedia Commons]

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