Cold war getting hotter scenario from 1987

DD-ST-87-08751Alternate-history fans will appreciate these US Department of Defense maps of a projected Soviet invasion of Western Europe, heralding as they would have done the beginning of WWIII:

This map is a really a picture in macro-scale of the epic tank battle for the plains of Germany, that entire generations of Western and Soviet officers built careers around planning and preparing for. In the history of human civilization, the Soviet Western TVD invasion was probably the most researched, contemplated, and gamed out battle that was never actually to take place. Fifty years of voluminous strategic studies were compiled by both sides on this very subject, as both sides searched for advantages in a truly enormous field chess game.

I don’t know enough about the history to say if this is paranoiac or just horrific.

[via the Exile][image and article from TechConex]

One thought on “Cold war getting hotter scenario from 1987”

  1. Well, if you assume that a hot war actually happened, and that no one was actually insane enough to actually use the nuclear arsenals available (if you want horrific), well, this is is what you would have gotten. It’s clearly horrific in the sense that war is horrible. It’s not paranoiac in the sense that it was drawn up by people who were paid to worry about the real possibility of a hot war.

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