Below Absolute Zero

The Adam Roberts Project

Adam Roberts Project, in association with Ravenscorp Industries, can now announce: the most important development in science and technology since the invention of the wheel!

If you think that’s mere hyperbole—think again.

After many years secret work at the Velcro Lab Complex, on the scenic southern coast of England, and inspired by the obscure theoretical writing of the great Hungarian physist Bîlan Tedh, ARP/Ravenscorp have finally developed a means of supplying endless, free, clean power to the world!

How does it work?

We all know that temperature is particles moving around, and we all know it’s as simple as that.  When the particles move more rapidly the temperature is higher, and when they move more slowly the temperature is lower.  Once the particles have stopped moving completely, you’re at the absolute of zero.

Tedh’s genius was to ask the question:—what if you had matter in a state of absolute motionlessness and then applied a low-basc force, spiralled in on the matrix, to cause the particles to shrink in upon themselves?  What would happen then?  The first thing to note is that you would go below absolute zero, is what would happen then.

Put it this way: as temperature drops, the mean distance between particles increases, and this increase in distance is equivalent to an increase in coldness.  And when the matrix of particles is at rest then the distances between them is stabilised and maximised.  But shrinking every single particle upon its centre would, effectively, cause the bottomed-out temperature to drop lower.

Initially Ravencorps’ research was simply to reach absolute zero—to hold particles, as was the best our technology could manage, a few fractions of a degree above absolute zero and then shrink them in situ to reach the holy grail.  But once that was achieved, our research became: to take a slab of absolutely cold helium and shrink the tiny atoms further.

This means that we are able to manufacture free energy.  Conductivity increases as temperature drops until, at absolute zero, electricity is transmitted without any resistance at all.  But what would less than no electrical resistance look like?  Inverse-resistance.  Pass a current across such a material and it gains charge.  We can generate free electricity.  And the beauty of the idea was: it doesn’t matter how much energy it takes to subfreeze the core material, we can simply feedback the net gain as many times over as necessary.  Free power.

A new dawn for humanity begins!  Now is your chance to buy stock in Ravencorps – paypal, cheques and cash all accepted.

3 thoughts on “Below Absolute Zero”

  1. The essay above is written in the style of a news story but is evidently fiction. I also presume it is not intended to be mistaken for actual news. So, is there already a specific and accepted name for this type/sub-genre of fiction? If not, I am tempted to call it “Science News Fiction” or “SNF,” for short. Also, if it isn’t only Adam Roberts who creates such features, can you folks at Futurismic, or your readers, enlighten me as to where I can find other works of SNF? Thanks. {p.s. “Climate Change” and “Intelligent Design” don’t count as examples of SNF, because their proponents intend them to be taken seriously. Rather, I’m talking about stories where the author knows very well that what he/she is writing is fiction, and intends the reader to interpret/enjoy the SNF story as the work of fiction that it is.} Best regards.

  2. Yeah, it was the Velcro Labs that tripped me, and the fact there was no link to a real press release… but I liked the idea. I almost thought it was real. It can get so much below zero up here in the Yukon Territory. We’d end up being the Energy Mafia, doling out energy to warmer places…

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