Get your Ripley on with the Power Loader exoskeleton

Remember me comparing the HAL exoskeleton to the cargo-loader from Aliens? Yeah, well, so this is me eating my words – this thing is the real deal. Ladies and gentlemen, the ActiveLink Power Loader exoskeleton suit:

The so-called “Power Loader” suit — which takes its name from the fictional hydraulic exoskeleton suit appearing in the sci-fi classic “Aliens” (1986) — is built on an aluminum-alloy frame and weighs 230 kilograms (500 lbs). Described as a “dual-arm power amplification robot,” the exoskeleton suit is currently equipped with 18 electromagnetic motors that enable the wearer to lift 100 kilograms (220 lbs) with little effort. In addition, the Power Loader’s simple, intuitive control system employs direct force feedback, allowing the operator to directly feel the movement of the robot while controlling it.

There’ll be a version on the market by 2015, apparently, so start saving your pennies.