Low activity alert

boxesJust a quick note for regular readers – things will be a little quiet here at Futurismic for the next few days, as I’m moving house and won’t be able to spend any time blogging until it’s all done. [image by garethjmsaunders]

However, I’ve set up a few posts to keep things ticking over in my absence, and Jonathan’s latest Blasphemous Geometries column (about Assassin’s Creed II) will be up on Wednesday as usual. I should be back in the saddle (or rather the swivel chair) by Thursday, but there’ll be some catching up to do… so expect a slow week overall!

Things will be back to normal (or as normal as they ever get around here, I guess) next week, so in the meantime why not visit some of the other free-to-read genre fiction sites in the Sidebar Of Justice? After all, it’s nearly Christmas, and everybody else in the office is probably slacking off too… 😉