Momentary lapse of output

Seems half of the posts I make here lately are apologies of one sort or another, but it can’t be helped, I suppose. Life has delivered me one of those major personal crises, and there’s a whole lot of metaphorical broken glass for me to sweep up; as such, things may be a little quiet here over the next few days.

Please rest assured that Futurismic is not under threat, however; we have new stories in inventory, and I’ll be posting as regularly as I can manage. I just need to deal with some meatspace stuff right now, and I hope you’ll bear with me in the interim.

Thanks for your patience. – PGR

One thought on “Momentary lapse of output”

  1. Sending you my best thoughts. I truly enjoy reading the stuff on this site. It has become a regular pit stop for me.

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