Dude, where’s my island?

Since around 2005, at least 24 small islands have effectively vanished from the Indonesian archipelago. While sea levels are rising quickly enough to make some islands vanish (and solving long-running turf disputes in the process), these particular islands are not victims of climate change, but of ‘sand pirates’ digging them up and shipping them away to be used as building aggregates on the mainland [via Technovelgy].

Given the vast amount of stuff we put into landfills around the world, maybe we could build some new islands from McMansion rubble and consumer electronics junk?

2 thoughts on “Dude, where’s my island?”

  1. Well, Leslie Spit in Toronto was built from construction-project rubble. It has an unusually high number of black garter snakes, though I’m not sure if they’ve adapted to blend in with the chunks of asphalt or simply to absorb heat better since they’re living near a large body of water.

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