I’ll trade a Puffin for my as-yet undelivered jetpack, thanks

Personal electric aircraft? Yes please!

NASA Puffin personal air vehicle concept

Nice to see NASA aren’t just resting their feet on the desks at the moment, though whether the Puffin concept would ever make it out of R&D (let alone strike anyone as useful or necessary at a consumer level) is a question probably best left unasked. As charming as it is, I look at that thing and think “oooh, Sinclair C5!” Though maybe some of the world’s crankier and/or more show-offy military forces would invest in them just for their wow factor.

I know I could never afford one, but even so: the avarice, it burns…

2 thoughts on “I’ll trade a Puffin for my as-yet undelivered jetpack, thanks”

  1. You don’t really think anyone is going to want to fly around laying prone on their abdomen while holding their head up at an unnatural angle, do you?

    I don’t see it.

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