A sci-fi rock’n’roll odyssey at Clarkesworld

Long-term readers of this here site are probably aware that my other huge cultural obsession (besides science fiction literature, natch) is rock music, and that I’ve spent some amount of time in the last few years on drawing comparisons and connections between the two scenes.

So imagine my joy (if you will) when I saw that this month’s issue of Clarkesworld contains an article by Jason Heller that traces the history of science fictional futurism and narrative through the canon of rock music since Bowie’s “Space Oddity”! And better still (because this is the multimedia information super-content-highway-tubes, kids) it’s full of embedded video so you can actually hear and see what he’s on about.

Not for the first time (though almost always at moments when I have more than enough pressing demands on my time), I find myself thinking that there’s enough scope for me to write a non-fiction book on the cross-pollination of sf/f/h and rock music… anyone want to crowdfund me to spend a year on that? Maybe Heller would like to co-write… *opens email client*

3 thoughts on “A sci-fi rock’n’roll odyssey at Clarkesworld”

  1. Seriously? That’s a book I would love to read. It’d be cool if you were able to go for it someday, and if you needed crowdfunding I’d happily pitch in.

  2. If I thought I could find a publisher for what would be an incredibly niche non-fic book, I’d probably just do it anyway. But there’s not enough spare time for a project that large at the moment…

    … but one day, who knows?

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