California proposes car license plates with electronic ads

Well, things are pretty tight in California, money-wise, so you can’t fault them for looking to cut that deficit. But this proposal is bad news for anyone frustrated by the ubiquity of advertising on every surface of the world: electronic license plates which show the vehicle’s code number while in motion, but which switch to (presumably network-served) adverts after a few seconds of coming to a halt [via SlashDot].

Regular readers (and, indeed, anyone with the remotest knowledge of how electronic technology actually works, if only in the abstract) will doubtless have spotted more fundamental problem, but just in case, I’ll remind you that Everything Can And Will Be Hacked. Hell, there’s already a proof-of-concept for electronic billboard exploits. So the no-mercy breed of road-warrior may want to avoid cutting in front of more geeky communters should these things go into production…

2 thoughts on “California proposes car license plates with electronic ads”

  1. So when you’re parked, your license plate number will be block by ads? Does that mean the cops won’t be able to give you a ticket for overstaying on the meter or parking in front of a fire hydrant because they won’t have your number? That might be worth putting up with the stupid ads.

  2. I also recall the highway electric roadsigns ( typically on a small trailer, and reading ‘Construction Exit 15 / Expect Delays’ ) that were set up to display ‘Zombies in Area! Run’ in Austin, Texas in January of 2009. I’m not sure anyone was ever arrested for that particular hack.

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