6 thoughts on “Personal Information: episode 19”

  1. Hmm… I see it just fine, but others have mentioned problems, too. Does a hard page refresh (ctrl-F5, at least in FireFox) make any difference?

  2. Meanwhile, at my end, the 2nd image is the only one that’s coming up. (I’m using Safari).

  3. I have to refresh at least three times to see any of these comics all the way through.

  4. Well, this is baffling; I can’t reproduce the problem at my end at all. I’ve passed on a support ticket to the hosting company, but (having made similar requests before) I’m expecting the standard “we can’t replicate the fault, and hence can’t fix it; as far as we can tell the server is fine” response. Which is par for the course, really, but incredibly frustrating. I’ll keep looking into the problem as best I can, though.

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