Ayn Rand’s PR department: ambitious, unhinged

What do you get when you give an Ayn Rand fan a car with GPS, and a surfeit of spare time and money? The world’s largest GPS graffito, that’s what:

World's largest writing: "read Ayn Rand"

It’s a step up from “Kilroy Woz Ere”, I guess. Heck of an epitaph for a nation, though.

Added Objectivism-mocking bonus [via MetaFilter]: Our Daughter Isn’t a Selfish Brat; Your Son Just Hasn’t Read Atlas Shrugged. I LOL’d.

5 thoughts on “Ayn Rand’s PR department: ambitious, unhinged”

  1. I love this so much. If the US was run as Ayn Rand’s books suggest, there is no way that this man could write what he did using GPS, which depends heavily on government funding. I wonder if he would suggest that we scrap funding that too?

  2. Hahaha… this (with the attached McSweeneys thing) may be amongst the best things ever.

    I’ve long been intrigued by Ayn Rand’s oeuvre, but have never quite been able to raise the courage to actually read any of it. The closest I think I came to “engaging” with her work was when I had to restrain myself from poking a young chap who was reading The Fountainhead on the train a few weeks ago. Only reason I didn’t was because it occurred that his reasons could be the same as mine. But, Jesus, at least have the good taste to not read that stuff in public.

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