A very futurismic novel: The Dervish House by Ian McDonald

I’m not in the habit of hijacking Futurismic to redirect people to my personal blog, but I just finished reading Ian McDonald’s The Dervish House, a novel so overwhelmingly futurismic that it felt like something our readers — and more particularly, our fiction contributors — might want to take a look at.  From the review:

What I love best about his work, though, is how thoroughly he immerses the reader in his vivid futures, which are already vibrant and detailed, but all the more fascinating for their unique settings.  With these recent books, McDonald has been taking SF to corners of the globe most white, westernized SF fears to tread, and it serves as an enjoyably disorienting double-jolt to the system, not just showing us how diverse and complex the future will be, but how diverse and complex the world already is.

I suggest this in the full review, but it bears reiterating here:  if I had a “required reading” list for Futurismic contributors, The Dervish House would be on it.  If you haven’t discovered Ian McDonald yet, go get cracking!