Vote late, vote often: last few days to choose Phoenix Pick Award nominees

Hey! I was going to shut off the comments for Futurismic‘s nominations for the Phoenix Pick Awards today, but there are only three replies. Three.

I mean, come on – I know for a fact that more than three of you regularly read the fiction we publish here. So show a bit of support for the writers, why not? And, yes, for Futurismic as a fiction venue as well: Chris and I may run this site predominantly for the love, but it’d be nice to feel that people cared enough to mention which story they liked best. Thirty seconds of your time, that’s all we’re asking here.

So please, go check the list of eligible stories, and leave a comment with your choices. You’ve got until Thursday evening, UK time, to make a short fiction writer’s day… and to make two editors feel they haven’t been wasting a lot of time and money for nothing.