So long, for now

In light of Paul’s announcement that Futurismic is closing to fiction submissions, I just wanted to chime in with a few words of my own.

First of all, a quick note about current submissions:  if you’ve submitted a story to us in the last month or so and haven’t heard back yet, you can feel free to submit your story to another market at this time.  I plan to send a short response to everyone still awaiting one, in case (gasp!) they don’t see the news here at the blog, but there’s no need to wait for my email before packaging your material off to another magazine.  Get back to work!

Beyond that, I just want to say thanks to everyone for making this such a fun job for the past six years!  I’ve learned a lot and had a great time working with everyone.  I especially want to thank Jeremy and Paul for giving me such a great opportunity.  Not everyone gets the chance to be a fiction editor in the field they grew up loving, and it’s not lost on me how lucky I’ve been.

That said, hopefully this is more of a “see you later” than a goodbye.  Like Paul, I hope that Futurismic can return to publishing stories in the long term, and when that happens I may well be back on the job, managing the digital slush.  Until then, though, enjoy the blog and stay futurismic!