2 thoughts on “Personal Information: episode 43”

  1. Previously on Personal Information: The research team discover a new species of giant squid. Marj Samadi’s evocative descriptions of the squid (two males apparently engaged in courtship behaviour) on the team’s blog garners much media attention, as well as earning the new species the nickname of “the big gay squid.” Meanwhile, Patrick Wei, the geological surveyor, finds traces of desirable metals in the seabed; he warns the biologists that his bosses will try to discredit them in order to keep the world’s attention off the area, and suggests the team head off a homophobic smear campaign by sending het couple (and expectant parents) Viv Smith and Ginny Modena to a press conference. On the way there, however, their passenger ship is attacked by pirates. Now, mysterious explosions have destroyed both the passenger and pirate ships; Viv, Ginny and another survivor, a young boy named Michel, are adrift in an inflatable life raft. They managed to send a message to their colleagues before running into a dead zone (visible to their wifi implants as a cloud of giant broken links)…..

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