Science fiction Mistressworks

The science fiction fans among you are probably familiar with Gollancz’s long-running Masterworks series, which collects some of the greatest novels of the genre and keeps them in print, sometimes long after their original publication. It’s a great collection, but it is – as so many curated collections of excellence still are – more than a little thin on female authors; in an attempt to redress that imbalance, Ian Sales is compiling a list of science fiction Mistressworks from Twitter suggestions. I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve only heard of maybe half the writers mentioned, and actually read hardly any of them… but noting an absence is the first stage of filling it, and a list like that is a great opportunity to discover new wonders.

What books and/or authors would you add to Sales’s list? Call ’em out in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Science fiction Mistressworks”

  1. For once someone posts a list that includes some of my favorites! I’m sure I have some suggestions — Vonda N. McIntyre’s Dreamsnake comes to mind and I assume he only left Le Guin off as too obvious — but it’s so nice to read a list that includes all my favorite Gywneth Jones books and Mary Gentle’s Ash series (is it really out of print — the idiots!) and Cherryh’s Cyteen and Timmi Duchamp’s Marq’ssan Cycle that I’m going to have to find copies of the books I haven’t read that make Sales’s list. Obviously he has interesting taste.

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