The only way to change your past is to steal someone else’s

I get a fairly regular flow of emails about independent film projects. Most of them, to be honest, bounce straight off me – which says less about their quality than it does about my own taste in cinema. Independent cinema – like independent music and literature – has lots of promise over the long term, but a lot of what I see is people trying to replicate Hollywood aesthetics on a budget, rather than turning their back on Hollywood and seeking something new, something different. Which is fine, of course. Just doesn’t push my buttons enough to mention it, is all.

Anamnesis, however, looks very different. They’re looking for postproduction funding on Indiegogo (which is a Kickstarter equivalent); take a look at what they’ve done so far, what they plan to do, and why they want to do it. Then chuck ’em a few dollars if you think you’d like to see it finished the way they want it.

7 thoughts on “The only way to change your past is to steal someone else’s”

  1. I love cyberpunk, and I would have given money to this if I’d seen evidence that any of the female characters are three-dimensional. Maybe I’m being unfair… anyone who’s more familiar with the storyline is welcome to correct my first impression.

  2. I just watched the video and I have to say that at least from the little I’ve seen I would disagree with Sarah. This is one of the only shorts I’ve had a peek at that seems to embrace the non-white characters as three-dimensional and that includes the women. It looks like every character has their own emotional complexity apart from each other. The shot of the Asian girl with the blonde wig is an example of someone questioning their own identity which is a universal human struggle. As a woman I have to disagree with you. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished film.

  3. Actually there’s a female lead in the movie that’s pretty underrepresented here. She moved to San Francisco and we couldn’t get her interviewed for the promo video, so we felt weird about concentrating on her here.

  4. I agree with Ms. Brand: there’s some shots with women but nothing that doesn’t represent them as passive instead of active. Brady, I understand that you couldn’t get an interview and the feeling I get may be because of the editing of the trailer, but I’m not drawn to the content for the same reason Ms. Brand is. I love scifi, but unless I can see better representation (woman as active, fully-formed and humanized characters), I can’t get behind this and I’m uncomfortable passing it along to my peers. I do wish you the best of luck, however.

  5. I think it looks like a really great, interesting project. I’d love to see it finished. If you’re still looking for funding I might be able to throw a little your way when I get paid, but not anything that’s even near substantial. I’m just a cashier, by no means wealthy.

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