Dead link!

O NOES!! Please accept our apologies; it looks like you’ve followed a link to a page of Futurismic that got permanently eaten by the Intartubes when the old version of the site collapsed on us*.

Luckily there aren’t many of these, but that’s scant recompense for you – you, who keenly clicked through expecting some fine nugget of science fact or science fiction! We want to make it up to you as best we can … and we figure the best thing we can do towards that end is point you towards our current content, which we like to think is getting better and more copious as time goes by.

Futurismic‘s core mission is its monthly piece of original short fiction, so if you came looking for tall tales and staggering stories, that’s where you should look.

But we have non-fiction columns on subjects as diverse as science fiction literary criticism and intellectual property rights in MMORPGs, too … and we blog many nuggets of news from the increasingly fuzzy border between the present and the future.

So maybe you should dig around in the tags below, or slap in a few search terms top right and see what you find?

Or you can just trust us when we say we’re doing great work and grab our RSS feed for a daily dose of Futurismic goodness. What have you got to lose – grab the firehose of futurism and drink deep, my friend!

[* Yeah, thanks a lot for that, Moveable Type. We’re WordPress‘s bitch now. 😉 ]

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