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Editor-in-chief and Publisher

Paul Raven

Paul Graham Raven is a dishevelled British museum library assistant, but that’s just the day job; out of work hours, he mostly reads and writes (though never enough of the latter).

He writes book and music reviews for a ridiculous number of outlets, both print and web; he’s Reviews Editor of Interzone, the UK’s longest running science fiction magazine; he runs an independent music reviews site named The Dreaded Press, and maintains his own blog, Velcro City Tourist Board.

He also writes poetry that gets eloquent and apologetic rejection slips, and intends to actually finish some short stories of his own one of these days. In the meantime, he’s climbing the ladder of the aspiring freelance … and running this here webzine, too.

Fiction Editor

Christopher East

Christopher East is a writer, editor, critic, bassist, and indoor enthusiast who lives in Los Angeles. His short stories have appeared in a number of science fiction and fantasy magazines, including Interzone, Talebones, and The Third Alternative. A former reviewer for Tangent Online, he now serves as Futurismic‘s fiction editor.

The Mysterious Artist

Brian Wanamaker

The bloggers

Tobias S. Buckell

Tobias S. Buckell is a Caribbean born SF/F writer who currently lives in Ohio. His first novel was published by Tor books in 2006. He keeps a website and blog at

Edward Willett

Edward Willett is a writer of nonfiction, science fiction and fantasy for both children and young adults. His most recent SF novel, Lost in Translation, was published in paperback by DAW Books in 2006, and his new SF novel Marseguro will be out from DAW in February, 2008. He also writes a newspaper science column and is a professional singer and actor. His website is and he has a personal blog, Hassenpfeffer.

Jeremy Eades

Jeremy Eades is a budding psycholinguist and world traveller. Currently alighted in Japan for the past few years, he eventually hopes to escape the seductive clutches of the rising sun and write the next Great American Novel. One of these days he’ll actually write a story. Until then, the curious can be sated at his blog, Wilco Tango Foxtrot.

Stephen Years

Stephen Years is a high tech entrepreneur and management professional in California’s Silicon Valley. Stephen’s primary interests lie in the intersection of technology, market forces and culture. Currently he is busy launching a new company focused on server power efficiency.

Previously Stephen was Technology Strategist at Sun Microsystems, and a consultant at KPMG Consulting, LLC (now known as BearingPoint, Inc.). Stephen is a fan of all genres of music, can often be found in Second Life as Soundmaster Clanger, and is busy preparing for the singularity.

Tomas L. Martin

Tomas L. Martin is a writer and physics student from Swansea, Wales. He has reviewed for SFCrowsnest for a number of years and his story “A Shogun’s Welcome”was published in Aberrant Dreams #7. A sequel, ‘The Shogun and the Scientist’ is out in the anthology ‘The Awakening’ and his journal miawithoutoil was a key contribution to the World Without Oil project. He finished a masters in physics at Bristol University in 2008 and was co-coordinator of the 2008 UK National Student Film Festival. He now works as a PhD researcher in nanodiamond thermionics and solar power analyst for the Wind Prospect Group.

Jeremy Lyon

Jeremy Lyon is Futurismic’s founder, and now spends his days designing interfaces for Palm. At night he writes fiction that has been rejected from some of the finest publications in the world.

Justin Pickard

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