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New low-cost webzine – Alternative Coordinates

Via James at Big Dumb Object comes news of a new science fiction webzine, Alternative Coordinates:

Issue one of new SF magazine Alternative Coordinates is online. The web site looks nice, which has got to be a priority for new webzines. You can read a preview of each story, but full access to the issue costs $2, which I think has to be applauded. The price is low enough to be trivial to many people, yet with volume it means the magazine could make money, probably more than advertising?

Alternative Coordinates - science fiction webzine

James is right, it certainly looks good. The low-price electronic ‘zine model has been tried before, of course, but the economic and techno-cultural landscapes are changing so fast that previous successes and failures are no certain guide to future performance… and if the team behind Alternative Coordinates have made as much of an effort with the magazine itself as they have with the presentation of the website, then US$2 seems a pretty reasonable price to place on six short stories for which the writers have been paid.

If you take the plunge and buy an issue, do pop back and let us know what you think of it!